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Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome to Blogging American Political Thought

Welcome to the Government 314 Discussion Web Log. This should be a fun way to participate further in Govt 314 and earn some extra credit along the way. To begin with, we're going to have few rules and requirements.

1. To count for the full six points of extra-credit, students need to post 10 posts of at least 100 words, 15 posts altogether, and at least one response to any comments. At least ten of the posts need to be posted by April 15 to avoid an end of the semester crush. The idea here is that students shouldn't seek to load up on posts at the end of the semester to claim extra credit.

2. Posts that count for extra credit should be at least 100 words long.

3. Posts that count for extra credit should have a connection (however vague) to political theory.

4. Everyone who contributes to the blog needs to adapt a nickname, report that nickname to the professor, and use the nickname when you post. The professor will be adapting one or more nicknames as well.

5. Avoid personal insults concerning other posters.


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